Make it easy for your audience to discover your collection

Digimuseum is a platform that makes it possible for museums to showcase their items, exhibitions and collections online.

Let the discovery start immediately

Enhance the customer experience by making it possible to explore your collection reaching the museum.

Digimuseum lets you show, educate and inspire anyone interested in your collection. By publishing online the experience can start where the customer wants to.

Create a seamless experience
- before, during and after the visit

With curated collections customers can carry with them information about each piece. They can always revisit item descriptions and history after seeing it in your gallery.

Digimuseum’s Kiosk-mode allows you to lock in specific screen on site. This allows you to tailor the visiting experience exactly to your needs.

Make your exhibition as tourist friendly as possible

Digimuseum allows you to translate your collection into as many langauges as you need.

Printed descriptions are often limited by the design and physical space. Move your smaller but equally important exhibition descriptions online.

Use your digital collection as part of marketing to attract new visitors

By making your collection open online it becomes a tool for domestic and global marketing.

A lightweight and easy way to work

Digimuseum has a modern, easy to use interface which makes adopting it easy and efficient.

Building and maintaining a collection requires hard work. Traditional and old inventory software require a lot of training and use to become efficient. Let Digimuseum become an extension of your current system or start fresh and build the best possible experience online.

Easy to use on any computer connected to the internet

Digimuseum is built on top of WordPress, an easy to use content management system. Inputting content is fast and easy to learn. It only requires a computer with a browser connected to the internet.

A sustainable and ecological way to work

By allowing visitors to choose a digital alternative to traditional printed broschures organisations can print less. Less resources in printed material frees it up elsewhere and it helps reaching any sustainability targets set for the organisation.

Core Features

Always available

Make your collections available to all devices online.


Present your collection in as many languages as you need to. Reach all customer groups.

“Bring your own device”

Allow your customers to carry all information with them on their own phone while visiting.


Curate selected collections to make it easier to browse through your exhibitions.


Gather analytics on the use of your digital collection to understand your customers better.

Custom branding

Digimuseum allows you to apply your own branding, such as fonts, colors and logo.


Digimuseum is a ready to use service that can quickly be set up for organisations. Contact our sales for more information and tailored pricing.

A typical package includes:

  • Hosting and setup taken care of
  • Training ang getting started help
  • Online support


Digimuseum helps museums create better customer experiences. It is a light and easy to use platform which makes it possible to show and market collections online.

Built by BOND

Digimuseum is built by Bond - an independent international design agency. Bond designs distinctive brands and customer experiences.